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Playing the Game!

I love to play games with perspective.

At the beginning of February, I decided  to counter all the gloom and doom reports by perceiving every present I received, as a symbol of good things to come.

Boy, did I get tested. It took three service calls to convince my furnace that it wasn't an air conditioner. With that out of the way, I discovered that my name and some Chinese characters clicked through to some pretty disgusting pornography. Wow. Do I have to call that a present?

Got that out of the way, and my laptop crashed. I immediately carried my little baby out the door, to the local Tech guy, who immediately recognized me. Two hundred dollars later, I was back in the saddle.

Three days later, on a Sunday afternoon, someone broke into my home and stole my laptop off of my dining room table. Keep on playing.

So, let's get to the presents. I got so many in February, it is crazy….wonderfully crazy. My dear friend of many years brought me a beautiful box from Vietnam.  We have years of shared memories, but presents…..

I returned from lunch and outside my door was a beautiful bouquet from a colleague, left as a thank you, and a complete surprise.

A client sent me a text: I have presents for you: she brought me a beautiful, pashmina scarf, and earrings.  Really, my birthday is not in February.

Next came the unexpected money.

Then I received a case of red grapefruit mixed with honey tangerines and blood oranges. Now this is how to make the juicer in me happy!

An old friend called, out of the blue, and offered right on buying advice for a new laptop.

My nineteen year old daughter slipped into my car and handed me a paper Valentine she had made for me with the kindergartners in her life.  She reported they asked her incredulously, "YOU have a MOM?".

There is more, there is always more……………………… My life is just like yours.  Stuff is happening all of the time.

Now that it has been proven, yes proven, that your thoughts change your brain, you, we, all of us have no reason not to get busy training our thoughts.

I know I just said a MINDFUL, and I am bursting to share everything I have learned in the last few days, but it is going to have to wait.

For now I am passing on a recipe for getting excited about food that is  carotene rich, really good for your brain, and so delicious. Moroccan Stew


Breakthrough Sessions

Some things just click.  Alone they are great, together they are fantastic.  Hypnosis and EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique are like that.  

One practitioner called it weed whacking, and then mowing to make things smooth. My approach is bit more gentle, I think of it like pulling weeds, so you are free to grow whatever you want or need.

For the past year I have been experimenting  with the format of the Breakthrough Sessions. I like doing groups. Everyone benefits and it is cost effective. 

The last Breakthrough Session was really powerful.  I allow my intuition to start somewhere with someone. I tap on myself and the person I am working with mirrors me, while I talk. I don’t know where the words come from, but things slip out of my mouth and I just keep going. Everyone taps along. 

What I find is that the repetition puts everyone in a bit of a trance, including me, and we get results.

On Monday, we tapped on the fact that Carol had a new kitchen, a new juicer, as well as fruits and vegetables that were going to rot if she didn’t use them soon. But they were more like props for the life she wanted and couldn’t get herself to live. She said, “I don’t deserve to feel good”.

We tapped on all of the reasons why, and this came up as another aspect from being sexually abused, and then not being believed as a child. Letting go of that kind of emotion is powerful. 

As we went around the room, one person’s relief seemed to feed the fire of the next person’s ah!ah! The next participant, who has made real strides, surprised me when I saw tears streaming down her beautifully round face. She sighed and said, “I gave up on myself at eighteen years old”.